Monday, October 01, 2007

Up from the depths, thirty stories high...

Today's monster is by Bob MacNeil. (Thanks to the indispensable Giant Monsters Attack! for the link.)

My five-year-old son David is a total Godzilla nerd now. On Wednesdays, I pick him up from school and we immediately head to the comic book store. I also pick him up on Mondays and he always asks me, "Are we going to the comic book store?"

"No, that's on Wednesday."

So, on Wednesdays, when I say, "Yep! Today's the day!," he's all, "Yay! Comic book store! Comic book store!"

Only he's not necessarily looking for comics when he goes. He's looking for Godzilla stuff.

Godzilla comics are okay (we picked up Art Adams' Creature Features a couple of weeks ago), but he'd be just as happy with a toy or a movie if I was willing to shell out that much. One of the employees at the store is also a Godzilla fan and he and David talk Fire Rodan, King Ghidorah, and the origins of Black Mothra and White Mothra as I stand by and realize what my friends and I sound like to my wife whenever the topic of Hellboy comes up.

A little while ago we found a couple of DVDs from the Hanna Barbera Godzilla cartoon. I'd forgotten how much I liked that show as a kid. Godzilla has a cool fight with a different giant-monster each week, the human characters are all likable and pretty smart, and it's amazing that I actually, really like Godzooky. I usually hate the tiny-version-of-the-hero sidekicks, but Godzooky manages to be funny and endearing instead of annoying.

In other giant monster news, Quick Stop Entertainment's "DVD Late Show" reviews some "B" movie DVDs, including Space Amoeba, which I now really have to see.

Last night, I watched Curse of the Komodo and Komodo vs. Cobra. TiVo had picked them up because of the Jungle Island Filled with Giant Monsters angle, but they had way more in common than just that. Curse was filmed in 2004; KvC was made a year later by the same director, many of the same actors, shot at the same location, and featuring the exact same plot with much of the same dialogue. The only difference in the plot was that Curse had a group of thieves stranded on the island with the scientists and monsters, and KvC turned them into environmental activists. And added a giant cobra. (Which is cool, but then KvC lost points for actually making the komodo look worse than it did in the first one. No small feat.) They're in no way "good," but if you have any kind of affection for bad "B" movies, they have their points.

And speaking of bad "B" movies, Dragon War 2 is coming.

So is Transformers 2.

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