Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Monsters and Robots. Giant ones.

First of all, sorry about yesterday. The day completely got away from me and I didn't put up so much as an easy post of nothing but someone else's art. That means that today is the day for monster/robot links.

As soon as I get pictures downloaded from my camera, I'll tell you all about FallSweatCon 2007. The short version is that it was unseasonably and unbearably hot, but still a really fun weekend.


Today's image is from a giant robot T-shirt submission on Threadless.

Giant Monsters Attack! gives Transmorphers (no, that's not a typo) all the attention it probably deserves.


Talking Squid has a cool discussion about what monsters will typify the current century. I'm not sure I agree with the premise that certain monsters are closely associated with certain periods of time, but it's interesting to see writer Robert Hood thinking through his answer. He settles on serial killers and ghosts, but also considers giant monsters, saying, "Issues of global environmental destruction suggest obvious possibilities (there is evidence of an increasing trend to re-invent the giant monster, for example), with a strong dose of GM paranoia and a plunge into virtual escapism via digital media and cyberspace offering even more possibilities."

Hood also mentions his story in the Daikaiju! 3: Giant Monsters vs the World anthology where he explores the subject a bit more. "There I take the premise that Godzilla was given reality as a metaphor for nuclear fear and try to envisage a whole series of giant monsters that encapsulate each period of major technological advancement." I've been wanting to check out the Daikaiju! anthologies for a while, but now I really want to.

Speaking of Daikaiju, I just today learned about Daikaiju Enterprises and their G-FAN magazine.

And finally, Dan Taylor has a nice review of Them! that makes me want to finally see the movie. I don't know how I've gone this long without ever having done that.

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