Tuesday, October 02, 2007

FallCon 2007

How about another concept sketch from "Amazon Women and the Nazi Gold?" This is Tok, one of the characters from Jess Hickman and my contribution to When Drive-Ins Attack!.

Jess and I will both be at FallCon this weekend and we'll have some sort of "Amazon Women" sketchbook thingy there to hand out, so stop by either one of our tables. I haven't seen the layout yet, but we're usually right close to each other.

Jason Copland will also be making a rare convention appearance at FallCon. You'll be able to find him with me next to the huge Kill All Monsters! poster.

Dang. I've got a sketchbook and a poster to get ready before the weekend. I'd better get crackin'!


Jason Copland said...

That's a very large scan, there....

Looks great, though!
Looking forward to FallCon!

Michael May said...

Yeah, I guess that was pretty huge. Fixed! :D


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