Friday, October 12, 2007

Links du Jour: Moneypenny RIP, Lost news, and Star Wars galore

Let's catch up on some movie/TV news, shall we? And for old times sake, I'll divide the links by genre.


The Young Indiana Jones DVDs are almost here!


Miss Moneypenny passed away. Of all the late items in today's post, I feel worst about not mentioning this one earlier. Christopher Mills has a nice obituary.


Since the new TV season started without Lost, the show's producers want to make sure we don't forget that it's coming back in January. So they're already talking about what's going to happen in Season 4. I don't know that I'd call what they're dishing "spoilers," but there are some nices teases that I'll send you to the link to read.

One Lost thing that I want to mention though is that Fisher Stevens is joining the cast this season. He's not the kind of actor where I want to track down everything he's done, but I'm always fascinated by his performances and I'm looking forward to his being on the show. He was in one of my all-time favorite episodes of Friends too. "Remember, Monica. It's just a cookie. It's not love."

Just in case Jericho gets cancelled again after this season, they've come up with an alternate ending to tie everything up. I love those guys. Here's hoping they won't have to use the alternate.


A local puppet studio is premiering their new show Transylvania TV on our CW affiliate at midnight tonight. Sponsored by my comic shop. Definitely TiVoing this one.


One of my favorite cult TV shows that never caught on was Cupid starring Jeremy Piven. Looks like it may get a second life, but without Piven in it, I'm really not interested.

Science Fiction

According to David Duchovny, X-Files 2 starts filming in December.

The Terminator franchise is getting a reboot with a new trilogy of movies in the works. No thanks. Without Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton -- heck, without just Linda Hamilton -- I don't care. Plus, it's already a confusing story. Why make it more complicated?

Did you hear about the Star Wars fans who made a (nearly) functional X-Wing rocket? How about the ones who thought a Y-Wing would work better?

Cartoonist James Baker has a huge set of Star Wars links for you to check out. I'll leave them for you to explore, but among them are possible sources of inspiration for Wookiees and Imperial Walkers, speculation about R2 and Chewie's roles in the two trilogies, and theorizing over whether or not Luke and Leia ever hooked up.

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