Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mighty SweatCon

Dang. It's hard to keep my head above water this week. Sorry about the lack of a post yesterday, too.

I'm going to let the pictures do the talking for most of this report, but what they don't show you is that it was unbelievably hot last weekend for Minnesota in October. Jason Copland stepped off the plane from Vancouver into high 80s temps and what felt like 99% humidity and it didn't let up until he got back on the plane Monday morning. Naturally, I'm blaming him.

FallCon is held in a large, old building at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. Early October is usually the perfect time for that kind of venue. It's chilly, but with a light jacket and all the body heat generated by convention attendees, it's usually completely comfortable. Not this year though.

Fellow FallCon guest Rich Koslowski captured the experience perfectly in the sketch above.

Jason and I shared a table all weekend. The convention was well attended Saturday morning and we started out okay, but by noon most of the congoers had abandoned us for other places. Presumably, other places with air conditioning. We didn't end up selling much, but that would've been different had we had copies of Kill All Monsters! there. Even with the small crowd, we had a ton of interest in the book. Everyone who looked at our sample pages declared their love for the concept and Jason's art.

I also handed out a ton of "Amazon Women" previews. And speaking of that project, artist Jess Hickman went around getting people to pose like Dr. Evil for her.

There were more people in costume this year than usually show up for FallCon. It's typically a rather subdued show, but there were a whole mess of folks dressed up like Star Wars and Star Trek characters, as well as DC heroes. Green Arrow and Black Canary showed up on Saturday. (Thanks to Jess for this picture.)

Green Arrow showed up again on Sunday, only with Wonder Woman this time. That playah. (This is them checking out Jess' table.)

My wife and son showed up late on Saturday to visit. David was appropriately dressed.

That's his Halloween costume this year. He picked it out himself and while I don't know why he went with the black costume, I'm a proud dad.

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