Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Odds and ends

Doing a little housecleaning on my links folder.

Thanks to Jess Hickman for directing me to this cool statue by Chris Sanders.

A buddy of mine has started a free, monthly, arts + entertainment magazine called Paperthin. It's mainly focused on Knoxville, Tennessee, but there's lots of good stuff in there no matter where you live.

I'm such a sucker for stories about scarecrows. Especially when the scarecrows have pumpkins for heads. Especially especially when small town folk let one loose every Halloween and try to kill it before it can make it to the local church.

The Newsarama Blog that I contribute to made it onto Publishers Weekly's 100 Favorite Blogs list. I'm going to pretend they were talking about me when they mentioned "insightful creator interviews."

The knowledge that I'll occasionally read posts like this one is why I read Neil Gaiman's blog every day.

Dave's Long Box gives the comic book equivalent to The 100-Page Rule: The Flip Test. It's excellent and I'll be using it from now on, both in my purchasing decisions and in my writing.

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