Tuesday, October 06, 2015

A long time ago in a podcast far away...

Now that we're done with James Bond for a little bit (I'll do one more post before SPECTRE comes out, but not until after Halloween), I need to catch up on some other business. Like reminding you that I'm on a bunch of podcasts.

There's the Star Trek/Star Wars podcast called Starmageddon that Dan Taylor and I host. We've been doing it for about four months now and it's a lot of fun. We've had some great guests on; most recently writer David A Goodman who wrote the Star Trek-focused "Where No Fan Has Gone Before" episode for Futurama, was a writer for Enterprise, and has recently written The Autobiography of James T Kirk. You should totally make Starmageddon part of your weekly podcast listening.

Then, Carlin Trammel and I (and our respective kids) recently dropped a new episode of Dragonfly Ripple: Bringing Up the Next Generation of Nerd. We caught up a little on our kids' interests in Star Trek and Doctor Who, talked a little about old school arcade games, and then spent the bulk of our time discussing Spider-Man in general, but really digging into the Sam Raimi trilogy.

And speaking of digging into movies, I've also been on recent episodes of Nerd Lunch with Kay from Hyperspace Theories, drilling down on the Star Wars prequels. I've got a new theory about the Jedi Council that I'm working through as I watch these this time, so that comes up a lot, but also there's a ton of other fun discussion about what we like and don't about those movies.

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Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

To think that at the start of the summer I didn't think that Starmaggeon would last that long, given the mix of subjects, now more than a dozen episodes in its moving at warp speed!


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