Monday, October 12, 2015

31 Witches | Broom Hilda

"I had a date with the Invisible Man last night, Irwin! Dinner, movie, dancing. It was great! Of course, I'm not actually sure he showed up..." -- Broom Hilda


Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

They printed this comic in the Sunday Funnies when I was growing up but even though I read through the comics as if my life depended on it at that age I don't remember much about it.

Michael May said...

It wasn't very funny. I love the character designs - Broom Hilda, the brainy vulture, and the fuzzy troll - but the gags were mostly about Hilda and the vulture's being mean to each other with the free-spirited, hippie troll being a counter-point to that.


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