Thursday, April 26, 2012

Guest-blogging | That F'ing Monkey

I've been wanting to try guest-blogging at some other blogs for a couple of months now, but hadn't gotten around to seriously thinking about it or approaching anyone yet before my buddy Ken from That F'ing Monkey asked if I wanted to chip in for three posts. Ken and his wife just had a baby boy and he knew that when his son arrived he'd need a break from the blog to focus on being a new dad. It was awesome timing, but I would have agreed even if I hadn't already been thinking about it.

Ken's idea was for me and him and Brandon (the other regular TFM contributor) to imagine that we were guest programmers on Turner Classic Movies and pick three films to talk about. We'd introduce them, talk about why we liked them, and give some background information and trivia if we wanted. I was totally into it.

I'll let you visit TFM to read my posts (and Ken's and Brandon's), but the films I picked were Alfred Hitchcock's silent version of The Lodger, the under-appreciated British horror classic Night of the Demon, and Tom Berenger's hilarious Western parody Rustlers' Rhapsody. Click the links or each picture below to go to the appropriate post.

My main criterion at first was simply that I wanted to choose from three different movie eras, but I ended up finding a recurring theme that tied them all together. I explain more about that in the Rustlers' Rhapsody entry.

Anyway, thanks so much to Ken for asking me to participate. It was a lot of fun and I'd love to do it again.


Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

'Night of the Demon' was one of those gems that I discovered when we had night access to the film department and Brandon University during my teen summers. I watched this one many times. This was a great, interesting post to read.

Ken O said...

I can't thank you enough for the help. I knew I had a topic right in your wheelhouse.

I'll be checking out Rustler's Rhapsody as soon as I can find it.

Michael May said...

Always nice to hear Night of the Demon getting some more love. Thanks, Cal!

And Ken, please let me know what you think of RR when you see it. If we lived closer, I'd have had you over already. :)


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