Tuesday, April 17, 2012

LXB | Zombie Apocalypse Buddies

Still trying to catch up to the rest of the League of Extraordinary Bloggers.

Which TV or movie hero do you want beside you when the zombie apocalypse arrives?

I hate zombies. I don't want to hide from them. I don't want to kill them. I don't want anything to do with them. So this might be cheating, but my perfect companion for the zombie apocalypse is someone with a spaceship to get me the heck off Earth. And I can't think of any spaceship I'd rather travel in than the Millenium Falcon or any crew I'd rather hang out with than Han and Chewie.

Besides, I bet blasters and bowcasters make great zombie killing weapons while we escape.

The rest of the League is way tougher than I am and chose to stay and fight it out with a wide range of capable pals from Charlton Heston in The Omega Man (Geek Chunks) to Wonder Woman (Siftin'). A couple of them got creative and picked people who know a lot about zombies (Team Hellions) or were just slower than they are (Freak Studios). "I don't have to outrun the zombie; I just have to outrun you." I have questions about the long-run sustainability of that strategy, but it's funny.

My favorite of the League's picks is Life With Fandom's selection of the Doctor. I still prefer Han and Chewie who would be all for selfishly running away, because of course the Doctor would want to stay and fix things as long as possible. But I can get behind the Doctor as long as he lets me hide out in the TARDIS and if things get really bad, a time machine makes an excellent escape route.

What about you? Fighter or runner? Who would you pick to help you survive?

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