Monday, April 02, 2012

I'm on Pinterest

I used to post a lot of art to this blog, but it got to be too time consuming, so I joined Tumblr. Which was awesome and much easier, especially for reblogging images from other Tumblr accounts. There were still a couple of problems though:

  1. Unless the image was already on Tumblr, I still had to download it and re-upload it. That's time consuming and I was building up a huge folder of images (and links, because I think it's important to attribute where I get everything), because I couldn't get through the process as quickly as I could find cool stuff.
  2. My love of organization and categories was making me start multiple Tumblrs with different themes. Which only made the process that much more complicated.
Enter Pinterest, a site where I can share images from anywhere on the Internet with the click of a button, show different categories on the same page, and have the attributions show up automatically. It's a freaking answer to prayer.

I'll still keep the Tumblr account, but I've already started using it mostly for capturing quotes that I want to remember. I see it becoming a place to catch miscellania that doesn't fit anywhere else. If you like the art that I've been sharing there, I hope you'll check out my Pinterest page. It's pretty awesome.

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Wings1295 said...

I'm still more on Tumblr, but Pinterest is interesting!


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