Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Gamora: Guardians of the Galaxy #3

The cover of Guardians of the Galaxy #3 is all about the introduction of Starhawk to the series, but that's not what we're talking about today. Gamora doesn't even meet Starhawk in this issue because he appears back at the Guardians' home base while Gamora and the rest of the team are off fighting the Universal Church of Truth in a Dyson Sphere.

If you don't know what the Universal Church of Truth is, don't worry. They're an old bad guy organization from Warlock comics who've somehow figured out how to convert belief into usable energy that they then use to try to take over the universe or whatever.

If you saw that episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation with Scotty, you know that a Dyson Sphere is a colossal globe built around a star to harness the star's energy. People live on the inside of the sphere facing the sun.

This particular Dyson Sphere requires energy shields to protect the inhabitants from the sun's radiation, but it doesn't really matter anymore because the Church has converted all the people into a giant blob of toxic green ooze that the Guardians now have to fight as well. Star-Lord, leader of the Guardians, comes up with a plan to destroy the green ooze by lifting the energy shield, frying the blob, and then teleporting out before the team is also incinerated.

Unfortunately, the teleporters don't work and all that's keeping the team safe is Quasar's magic powers. But even those are fading fast. The group quickly decides that someone has to go out into the intense sunlight to lower the energy shield again.

I tell you this whole story, because it sets up how - for the first time in the series - we see Gamora take point in the action.

I love Drax's confidence in her there.

Gamora does close the shield and the team is saved. Eventually, they get the teleporters working again and go home where they debrief.

I think it's interesting that Gamora's ashamed of her injured body. It would be so easy to play her as angrily defiant; challenging anyone to dare make fun of her. But like in last issue, we see a vulnerable side to Gamora. We learn that she's vain about her appearance and when her vanity is threatened, she's not so tough anymore.

She gets more and more interesting as we go, no?

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