Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ahoy there

It's been a while since we've talked about pirates and we've had an International Talk Like a Pirate Day since, so lots of pirate stuff to link to. Which means that I'll be doing this again tomorrow. Arr.

Pirate Movies

One of the nice things about Talk Like a Pirate Day is that people also like to talk about pirates. And make pirate lists. Like this one of the Top 10 Pirate Movies of All Time. I'm going to disagree with his (admittedly half-hearted) inclusion of Hook, but he certainly got Number One right. No Treasure Island, though? That's just wrong. I'm gonna have to make my own list.

Pirates of the Caribbean 4

I know everyone knows about this already, but I can't very well not mention it, no matter how late I'm getting to it. Johnny Depp has signed up for another Pirates of the Caribbean movie. And I'm hearing rumors that they've got Geoffrey Rush as well.

It's strange, but shortly before this news, I was reading about how Keira Knightley isn't interested in any more Pirates films. I thought that was kind of a stupid story at the time. Sort of like asking Carrie Fisher if she's up for another Star Wars film. What's she going to say? "Oh, yes, I'd love to be in this hypothetical movie that'll likely never get made."

Now, the Keira story doesn't seem as stupid anymore. Which makes me sad, because as cool as Jack is, Elizabeth was my favorite part of those films.

Blackbeard movie

Pirates 4 isn't the only new pirate flick planned. One of the guys behind Men in Black is planning a biography of Edward Teach's life.

Pirate Mirror

Because she's cool and because it's Halloween, my friend Kelly Sue has a pirate mirror.

Pirate Books

Yet another Talk Like a Pirate Day list. This time it's Scholastic with a list of pirate books they publish, including Airborn, which has sky pirates.

Pirat Tales

Wanna know how Dan Taylor's Pirat Tales comic is? It's really darn good.

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