Wednesday, October 22, 2008

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On Stranger Tides

Artist James Gurney talks about how he created the new cover to Tim Powers' 1987 pirate novel On Stranger Tides. Publishers Weekly describes the book as a dark fantasy about a puppeteer who's forced to join a pirate crew and eventually encounters Blackbeard, voodoo, and the Fountain of Youth.

Yep. I'll be getting that.

"Pieces of 8ight"

Another shanty to sing around the tavern.

Compensation for Missing Limbs

When you get a break in your singing, please take a moment to review our corporate guidelines on financial remuneration for lost appendages.

The Ghosts of Pirate Cove

You still have about a week to get to Newport, Kentucky (right across the river from Cincinnati, Ohio) for the Newport Aquarium's Ghosts of Pirate Cove event. I have but three words for you: Underwater Sword Fighting.

Booty Juggler

Yes, it's as awesome as it sounds. Just in a completely different way. You're an octopus and you have to keep a bunch of pirate treasure in the air.

Homemade Pirate Haunted House

I love those families who turn their homes into haunted houses and let people come through. They're even better when they're pirate-themed.

Treasure Island art

Golden Age Comic Book Stories has a ton of Frank Godwin's illustrations for Treasure Island.

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