Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Action Girl News: Sheena, Red Sonja, and Valkyrie

Sheena movie?

No, unfortunately, that's the not the art for it. The place that I stole it from thought that maybe it was concept art from an abandoned Sheena film in the '60s that was going to star Raquel Welch, but I can't confirm that.

The film I'm talking about - if it gets made - will be written by Steven de Souza (Commando, Die Hard) and will star - if de Souza gets his way - someone like Jessica Alba or some other "multi-ethnic Latina." Which would be pretty cool. Sheena's always been blonde as far as I can tell, but she's also a South American heroine. I think the latter should trump the former.

De Souza's pretty serious about it too. He's even writing the next Sheena comic for Devil's Due. It'll be interesting to get a preview of his take on her, but I'm going to have to be sold. I hated the first issue of the Devil's Due version, mainly because they seemed intent on taking Sheena out of the jungle. De Souza doesn't seem to disagree with the decision:
“When people have these characters who understand that they have roots in civilization and in the jungle, they’re not going to go back and live in a treehouse,” said de Souza. “They’re going to want indoor plumbing.”
That may be true, but it's not the reason I pick up a jungle adventure comic.

Adventureblog Gallery: Red Sonja

By Chris Butler (whose blog is now on my regular rounds).


I mentioned before that I dig Valkyries. Actually, I thought I'd mentioned it more than once, but a couple of those times may have been in emails.

Anyways, Valkyries combine two of my favorite things: Viking culture and Action Girls. And if we're talking about Marvel's version, then she also includes another favorite category: people who hang out with the Hulk and Sub-Mariner.

After that post I linked to above, Matt Maxwell (whose werewolf Western comic Strangeways you really should read) emailed me with a little more information about the Marvel character. With his permission, I'll quote him:
Marvel's Valkyrie has an... interesting lineage ... Most of her earlier appearances were reprinted in the Essentials Defenders Vols. 2+3, which are essential reading, simply because it's Steve Gerber at his most off-the-rails-crazy.
Matt then asked if I'd be in Baltimore and I told him that I wouldn't, but that I'd tell people that they should look for him there and then of course I didn't get around to talking about any of this until just now... well after the convention. So, I'm sorry about that, Matt.

Anyway, after asking if I'd be in Baltimore, Matt gently reminded me, "But really, get those Defenders books."

Which, of course, I did. Or one of them anyway. I'll get Vol. 3 too, but for now I have lots of Defenders to read and tell you all about. So, thanks, Matt, for the push. And I'm way looking forward to the next Strangeways book.

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