Thursday, September 06, 2007

Warrior Women Wednes-- um, Thursday

Can you tell that Labor Day threw me off a day?

Wonder Woman

First things first: the illustration that accompanies this post is by the fabtabulous Katie Cook. If you didn't know Katie's stuff before now, you're welcome.

This cool Wonder Woman jumper has been making the Internet rounds, but I first saw it thanks to Ragnell.

Scipio has some interesting thoughts on Wonder Woman, particularly about how important her sense of humor is. I hadn't thought of that aspect in particular when I went on and on about her, but I agree that it's an important quality. If her self-confidence is Wonder Woman's defining quality, that should naturally manifest itself in an ability to joke. Overly serious people are compensating for something and I don't think Wonder Woman has anything to compensate for. Not that she should be Spider-Man; chronic jokesters are compensating too. But there should be a balance and Wonder Woman certainly ought not to be dour.

In the same link, Scipio also criticizes Amazons Attack for getting completely wrong the message that the Amazons are supposed to be conveying to the rest of the world. And I agree with him.
"In the Golden Age, the Amazons (and their emissary to Man's World) brought Americans promise of peace and the hope of a better way of doing things. In the Modern Age, they bring Americans Amazons Attack and good guys fighting good
guys, like in a Marvel comic. They are no longer positive examples, but negative ones. They are dupes, who allow themselves to be misled by an addled and irrational leader under the sway of evil influences into a war on foreign soil, for no apparent gain and with little apparent provocation. Amazons, go home; Americans can provide that example themselves, thank you very much."
He also rightly decides to regard Amazons Attack as a fatally flawed concept, but to lend it no more power than that. Instead he looks forward to DC's hopefully correcting all this with Gail Simone's upcoming run on Wonder Woman. I wish more people could do that instead of ranting about the "damage" it's done to Wonder Woman as if this was the last story that was ever going to be told.

DC is apparently aware of the problem, so I'm just looking forward to what's coming next.

Black Canary

Thanks to reprints and archive collections, I've got pretty much every Black Canary appearance up to the point where she joined the JLA. While I wait for the Justice League Archives to catch up to me, M.O.B.L.O.G. is doing a fine job of summarizing what happened in those issues (starting here).


Smallville's Supergirl has her costume all picked out. And contrary to some opinions, it doesn't make her look "exactly like one of Michael Turner's characters."


Scipio said...

Well, actually, I didn't dislike Amazons Attack; I liked it just fine.

I don't blame AmAt or Will Pfeiffer for this version of the Amazons. They aren't creating the modern interpretation of the Amazons, simply following through on the existing one!

I'm just sad that that's what they had to work with.

Ragnell said...

I didn't like it, but I'm with Scipio that that's what they had to work with. They never should've made the whole race reincarnated rape victims, and they never should've gone so far overboard with the Banas when they brought them in. The myths being lying rumors would've worked just fine.


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