Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Monster-Killing Monday -- er, Tuesday

Your Kill All Monsters!-related (that is, giant monsters and giant robots) links for the week:


Giant Monsters Attack! has the skinny on Dreamworks' upcoming animated giant-monster flick: Monsters vs. Aliens. (Yet more validation that Robots vs. Monsters wasn't the right title for Kill All Monsters!)

When I was at San Diego Comic-Con last year, Jason Copland and I met Chris Wisnia, the guy behind Tabloia.com. I'd forgotten it since then, but was recently reminded that Tabloia has a cool gallery of giant-monster fan art.

Lady, That's My Skull has created some Land of the Lost postage stamps that I wish were real.

A friend of mine sent me this link about a giant, creepy spider web in a Texas state park. I'm slightly arachnophobic, so every time I see something like this it gives me the heebie-jeebies. Especially when there's no spider in the web. It gets me looking around and wondering where the hell the spider is that could create something so monstrous.

I must've been really busy and distracted by other things not to have talked at all about the Beasts! book when it came out. That's the only explanation for why I didn't mention it. Anyway, I just learned that there's a blog.

MTV.com has some images of various monsters from the upcoming Dragon Wars movie. This feels like a cheesy movie to me, but the designs are pretty cool, so I'm actually getting kind of anxious to see this one.

Toho plans to do some more Godzilla movies eventually. Just not right now.


Full-scale Iron Scopedog woos women while invading Japan. It's both scary and thrilling how much that image looks like a live-action shot of something from Kill All Monsters! #2.

Chizumatic thinks way too hard about giant robots in order to explain why they wouldn't really work, but it's interesting reading.

Oddball Comics wants to remind us about Tomahawk #70, featuring everyone's favorite, Native American giant-robot: Iron Chief.

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