Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thoughts on Black Canary's Wedding so far

I meant to talk about this yesterday, but forgot. The Black Canary Wedding Planner was mostly a harmless piece of fluff. I totally don't get Black Canary's dismissal of the Internet to help her plan, but whatever. It was a fun book, though I can see how some folks might be a bit miffed that Dinah was mostly unable to plan the wedding and needed Ollie's help for just about everything. Although, as someone who was very interested in planning the details of his wedding, my personal feeling is that Dinah should've included Ollie from the beginning anyway.

Although it highlights the disfunction of their relationship that he obviously had opinions in the matter, but apparently didn't voice them until Dinah started running into trouble.

My only complaint about the issue is the art. Ollie's beard is all wrong, his hair color fluctuates between blonde and red, and the anatomy on everyone is just weird. They even manage to make Wonder Woman in lingerie look unattractive.

In contrast to how low-key the Planner is, the JLA Wedding Special feels big and portentious. There's some fun wedding stuff, mostly concerning Ollie's bachelor party (and there's another telling moment here when Hal Jordon has to cancel the strippers due to Ollie's request), but there's also a lot of tension-building as Lex Luthor, Joker, and Cheetah put together a new Injustice League and make plans to destroy the JLA.

I love how the JLA in the title isn't just there to sell the comic; it's actually descriptive of what the comic is: a prequel to Dwayne McDuffie's upcoming run on Justice League. And from the looks of this, it's going to be a fantastic run. Not being well versed in the Green Lantern mythos, I've always been kind of "whatever" about John Stewart, but because of this comic I'm now excited about him and can't wait to see what McDuffie has in store for him. I also loved how McDuffie handled the Firestorm part of the comic, and how Lex Luthor has now officially put behind him his days as corporate villain and fully embraced the role of world-conquering lunatic. It's about time, Lex. And the Injustice League's new headquarters is absolutely nerdarific. The Green Arrow/Black Canary wedding promises to be good, but Justice League of America is going to be even better.

(I had a weird thought though as I was reading this and thinking about the speculation that something awful is going to happen to Ollie. What if that's not the case at all, but DC's just screwing around with us by not putting Ollie on the covers of his own comic and hinting vaguely about "what's happened to Green Arrow." Like I said, just a weird thought.)

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