Tuesday, September 18, 2007

When Drive-Ins Attack!

I mentioned that Jess Hickman and I are working on a short, jungle girl story for an anthology, right? And that I'd let you know more about it when I could? Well, how about the title?

It's called When Drive-Ins Attack! and, as the name suggests, it's an anthology of stories inspired by drive-ins and grindhouse movies. I just saw a list of the creators signed up so far and since I probably shouldn't say anything definitive about them just yet, I'll just say that I was pleasantly surprised at some of the names I saw. As if working with Jess again isn't enough, I'm in some really nice company on this one.

But speaking of Jess, how about some more character sketches from our story, Amazon Women and the Nazi Gold:

Man, I love Jess' pencils. I've always wondered how they'd look inked though.

Turns out, really damn good.

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