Friday, September 14, 2007

September theatrical releases

Almost forgot to do this again today. Where's my head?!

Last Week

3:10 to Yuma: Saw this one last night, actually. On the way to the theater I was wondering if the classic Western is so dead so that all neo-Westerns have to have some kind of Point to them like Unforgiven and The Assassination of Jesse James do. Made me wonder what the Point of this one was going to be.

If 3:10 to Yuma has a point, it's that you can still make killer Westerns -- including some standard genre tropes like the railroad coming through and the common man's standing up for himself against tougher, legendary outlaws -- without having to suggest a deeper meaning. Thought-out characters, powerful themes, and non-stop ridin' and shootin' make for a great movie too.

Shoot 'Em Up: As much as Paul Giamatti bugs me in the trailer (I usually like him, but he's the exact opposite of threatening), the thought of seeing Clive Owen shooting bullets and derogatory comments at him makes me want to see this.


Eastern Promises: I love mystery stories and I think Viggo Mortensen is a genius choice to play a crime boss. I'm not a huge Cronenberg fan, but I'll give it a shot.

Silk: (limited release) Keira. Knightley.

December Boys: (limited release) I'm sort of interested in seeing what else Daniel Radcliffe can do, but not enough to just try anything he's in. The trailer to this won me over though.

Dragon Wars: D-War: (limited release) Rumor has it that this is a stinking pile of giant monster poop, but I'm hoping that if I go in with low enough expectations that I'll find something to like in it. I mean, it's giant monsters wailing on each other. How bad can it be? (He asked naïvely.)

September 21

Resident Evil: Extinction: I know I'm not the only one who kinda dug Resident Evil: Apocalypse. Right?

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford: (limited release) Are you kidding me? It's all I've been talking about here.

The Jane Austen Book Club: (limited release) I know. I know. Me. Girl. The trailer doesn't even look that interesting. It's those damn Stephanie Barron Jane Austen mysteries I mentioned last month. They make my ears perk up every time I hear "Austen."

September 28th

Lust, Caution: I keep telling myself that I'm interested in this for the espionage angle, but I'm pretty sure it's mostly for Wei Tang.

The Kingdom: The plot for this holds no interest to me, but I really miss Jennifer Garner in Alias. Jamie Foxx and Chris Cooper are also strong reasons to see a movie, but I think I'm still bound to be disappointed.

The Darjeeling Limited: (limited release) I'll see anything with Owen Wilson in it.

Feast of Love: Same goes for Morgan Freeman, but the trailer for this strengthens my wanting to see it. Freeman's voiceover about the gods and the connection between love and laughter totally sold me. I love a well-told love story and it looks like a lot of thought went into this one. Plus: Selma Blair. Plus plus: Greg Kinnear.

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