Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Warrior Women Wednesday!

Today's Warrior Woman illustration is by Matthew Allen Smith.

Wonder Woman

Philippos Fourty-Two is still thinking about Wonder Woman and asks, "What's with Wondie's current concept?" He (I think? Sorry if I got that wrong.) seems to have trouble putting his finger on what the problem is exactly, but notes, "it feels really arbitrary, & kind of odd."

My thought is that I like the concept of her having a secret identity and being a spy, but that gearing up for and being a part of Amazons Attack left zero room for the writers (or us) to settle in and get comfortable with it. It sounds like Gail's going to be sticking with the concept for a while though, so hopefully she'll be able to ground it. Right now, it was just sort of thrown at us and we've been asked to simply accept it without being invested in it as AA raged on.

No word on pricing yet, but rumor has it that the complete Lynda Carter series will be available on DVD in November. Looks like my procrastination in picking up the individual seasons has paid off. Yay, procrastination!

Tura looks at Golden Age Wonder Woman comics and wonders, "if maybe the comics code was such a bad idea after all." I can't tell if she's joking or not, but if not -- as wrong as she is -- at least she's honest about it. I keep hearing that as the subtext to a lot of criticism, but this is the closest I've seen to anyone's stating it outright.

Mary Marvel

I agree with Kevin Melrose that I'd totally buy an all-ages Mary Marvel series by Colleen Coover.

Jungle Girls

X-Y-Z-Cosmonaut's CosmoBlog has a gallery of posters, stills, and covers from various jungle girl comics, movies, and TV shows. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

Dynamite's released previews of Jungle Girl #0 and #1, both of which (oddly) come out today. The dinosaurs are encouraging.


Josh Fialkov is a pal of mine, but my real interest in his Cyblade one shot is his description of it as "more or less a spy book" and I am all about spy books right now. I've never cared about Cyblade before, but Josh is a talented dude who routinely makes my sides hurt from laughing too hard, so yeah... gettin' this.

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