Friday, August 31, 2007

Movies that should be TV series, Michelle from 24 moves to ER, and what a Shazam! movie should be

Speaking of Big Trouble in Little China, Kung Fu Rodeo has a list up of movies they'd like to see made into TV shows. I'd certainly want to watch a Big Trouble in Little China show if they got the right actor to play ol' Jack. And I agree that Nathan Fillion is "the right actor." I'd also totally dig a Time Bandits show and an Incredibles show. Maybe an Army of Darkness show, but I don't know if you could do that without Campbell and I'm already getting my weekly fix of him on Burn Notice.

The rest, I don't know if I'd watch. I definitely wouldn't watch a Showgirls or Goonies series because I didn't like the movies all that much. Dawn of the Dead, The Dirty Dozen, and Jurassic Park seem like they'd get tired fast. The Road Warrior could be good, but then again, it could absolutely suck. I'd need to watch the pilot before knowing if it was for me.

Speaking of knowing if things are for me, the writer for the upcoming Shazam! movie said something interesting recently. He was talking about the tone of his script and called it an action-comedy, then -- perhaps sensing that that wasn't what fans wanted to hear -- immediately tried to clarify what he meant by that. “In a sense, even with a character that doesn’t have the giant spotlight on him like Superman or Batman, there’s a tremendously loyal fanbase who have very clear expectations about what they think a Captain Marvel movie should be."

The thing is, I'm not sure that the Captain Marvel fanbase does have clear expectations about what they think a Captain Marvel movie should be. I know I don't want it to be anything like Trials of Shazam!, but do you go more for a straightforward, Power of Shazam! take, lighten it up even more and make it like Monster Society of Evil, or go totally goofy like the original comics? If there are any Captain Marvel fans reading this, let me know what you think. What would a good Captain Marvel movie be like?

One last bit of news for the week: this makes me really tempted to start watching ER. I don't want to wade into years of backstory, but Michelle was one of my favorite characters on 24 when I used to watch that show and I'd love to see Reiko Aylesworth in something new.


Siskoid said...

I have no idea how it would play in a movie, but for me, Monster Society level sounds about right.

The very different tone would certainly save Shazam from cookie-cutter syndrome.

Grant Gould said...

i am so horny for BTiLC, you don't even know.

Michael May said...

Monster Society level sounds about right.

Man, I can't wait for the trade to come out so's I can finally read it.

Michael May said...

i am so horny for BTiLC, you don't even know.

So, would you watch a TV version? And who would you buy as Jack if not Kurt?

Kelly Sedinger said...

Well, ER has changed over its entire cast over the last couple of years, so there really isn't a gigantic amount of backstory to delve into, if you're tempted. I wouldn't advise it, because while ER used to be one of my very favorite shows (the first few seasons were brilliant), it's been Teh Suck for about three years now.

Michael May said...

But it's Michelle!

Maybe I'll just give it a cautious look and see if I can take it. I tried watching that new Treat Williams medical drama because Inara from Firefly is in it, but didn't make it past about ten minutes.


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