Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Agatha Christie comics, reading recommendations, and cool art

Charlie Chan by Alex Toth (from Hey, Oscar Wilde blog)Kill All Monsters!-Related

I wished I lived in Independence, Kentucky.


Ooh! Agatha Christie comics! (Found via Kevin Melrose.)


Maybe I'm just in the mood for naked women, sunken treasure, wealthy villains, and undersea horror... What am I saying? I'm always in the mood for that. Sounds like Dark Gold is just the thing.

Science Fiction

Here's a very cool Planet of the Apes resource site.

Brass Goggles has an intriguing review of Starcross, the second book in the Larklight series. I'm Wish Listing the first one right now.


Rather than try to categorize new artists I've learned about by some sort of arbitrary art genre, I figured I'd just start a new category. To kick it off, the whimsical drawings of Dave Perillo.

Hey, Oscar Wilde, It's Clobberin' Time is an awesome site full of various artists interpreting their favourite literary figure/author/characters. I may have linked to it a long time ago in one of its other incarnations, but it's certainly worth revisiting. It's searchable by artist and subject now which makes it an engrossing place.

Cool flickr gallery of Gil Elvgren pin-up art.

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