Saturday, August 04, 2007

We're okay

Hadn't planned on posting until Monday, but what with the bridge and all, I figured I should let everyone know that we're okay (having been out of the state all week until a couple of hours ago) and all our friends and family are okay. But there are a lot of folks who aren't and my heart goes out to them. Sorry if anyone was worried by the silence.

I'm not on my usual computer and can't remember my LiveJournal password to save my life, but I'll throw a message up there too when I'm able.


Siskoid said...

The blogosphere is such an abstract "place", we don't often realize tragedy might have struck someone we read every day. Glad it didn't and I hope it didn't dampen your vacation too much.

Michael May said...

Thanks. I knew pretty quickly that my family was okay, so I was pretty much in the same boat with the rest of the country and occasionally tuning into the news for updates. It didn't ruin the vacation or anything, but it did turn it surreal and weird for a bit.

West said...

Also glad that you and your family are okay.


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