Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Links du Jour




  • Did you know that while you're touring the Lord of the Rings locations in New Zealand, you can also stay in a Hobbit motel?
  • I've already got Disney's Peter Pan on DVD and don't care enough about special features to buy it again, but even if I wanted to upgrade, I wouldn't get this recent version. I'd wait for the next one. (By the way, even if you're not interested in Pan, that last link is worth reading for confirmation that studios really are actively trying to make you buy the same film over and over again.)

Science Fiction

  • Did you know that while you're touring Star Wars locations in Tunisia, you can also stay at the Lars farm?
  • Not really scifi related, but Nathan Fillion (Firefly) has a new movie coming out where he gets to hit on Keri Russell (Felicity). Looks pretty good too.

Writing is Hard

  • Miss Snark says, "Don't ever talk about your novel to anyone socially until it's published. Ever." Then explains why. I wish I'd learned that lesson ten years ago. I still get the occasional, "How's the novel coming?" To which I have to reply, "Which one? I've discarded and restarted so many over the years that I forget which one you know about."
  • More on how readers don't know what they want.

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Jason Copland said...

There's a movie starring Elliot Gould and Christopher Plummer, called The Silent Partner, that is being released in a couple of weeks. It's the first time on dvd. I was very excited about this. Then, I read that it will only be released in full screen. The moment I heard that, I started to think that they were holding back the widescreen version for a later release date, once all the people who had waited so long for it to come out on dvd had picked it up. A friend was trying to reason that maybe they lost the original widescreen master and were working off a modified print. I was skeptical but was thinking that sort of made sense, I guess, and that I'd grab it anyways.

Now, after reading that link, I'm back to being pissed about it. I wish I knew if they were indeed holding back on releasing a widescreen version....


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