Monday, March 26, 2007

Links du Jour: Draw Mary Marvel, what makes a superhero, and plushy Fone Bone

Light day today.


  • Fantasy casting doesn't usually interest me, but dang if The Braxcave hasn't done a nice job with a hypothetical Alpha Flight movie. I even like the idea of Chris Jericho playing Sasquatch.
  • It seems like every time DC does something questionable with one of it's girl superheroes, artists start creating their own versions of the character in an attempt to hold on to the elements of the character that are being neglected in the comics. Not that I'm complaining, 'cause it's led to some fantastic art. Looks like Mary Marvel could be the latest.
  • Quick Stop Entertainment has a great article (actually a review of Peter Coogan’s Superhero: The Secret Origin of a Genre) on defining the superhero genre and determining what makes a character a superhero. It's a long piece with lots of examples, but it's interesting reading. Boiled down: super heroes are people with costumes, code names, and defined missions who exist in modern day settings. The setting, according to the article, is vitally important. It's the reason that Batman is a superhero, but Zorro isn't. Or that Green Lantern is, but Flash Gordon isn't. The article also makes exceptions for people like Zatanna or Rogue who may lack some of the defining characteristics, but are considered superheroes because either their creators or the characters themselves obviously intended for them to be. It goes to show that the superhero genre is next to impossible to define, but they make a fascinating job of trying.

  • Jeff Smith's showing the prototype for a new Fone Bone plush toy. Hopefully it's the first in a series.

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