Monday, March 12, 2007

Young Indy coming to DVD (and Star Wars TV news)

iF Magazine covered the 24th Annual William S. Paley Television Festival recently, focusing particularly on its Evening with George Lucas. I promised you some Star Wars news last Thursday and it's at the bottom of this post, but even more exciting than that is how much Lucas talked about The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, particularly the bit about the series' finally being released on DVD.

As for the pending DVD release, Lucas says that it’s taken some time for Paramount to come around to releasing them, but now that there’s a team of people in that division who understand the value of TV Shows on DVD, the set will finally be coming out the way he envisioned it.

"There was a basic attitude at Paramount for years that there wasn’t any money in DVD," says Lucas. "Then they said you couldn’t release TV shows on DVD. Then we said ‘We have 100 half-hour documentaries on the various people featured in the episodes,’ but they’re saying ‘there is no school market.’ We even offered to buy back series back."

iF says that the series is being remastered right now and speculates that it'll be released to coincide with next year's Indiana Jones sequel.

Now for your Star Wars TV show update. Only it's about two TV shows, not just one:

"We’re doing an animated TV show called the CLONE WARS," (Lucas) says. "We’re doing it using 3D animation and making it more like the movies and creating the ambiance of the movies with this style of animation. It’s different from the other CLONE WARS cartoon we did. There’s no money in TV animation. We have made this like a feature film and it’s a pretty good adventure. It’s basically the movies. We also don’t have to deal with the Skywalker story. We’re dealing with this large epic and TV allows us to do that and tell what happened during the Clone Wars. We’re doing an episode that's just about the Storm Troopers. One episode is about Kit Fisto. So we’re making 100 episodes and then we’ll make a deal for someone to show them."

As for the previously announced live action show: "That’s one show split up into 4 shows with each show about a different character." Still a few years off though.

Found via Geek Monthly.

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