Monday, March 19, 2007

3 Ways to Improve My Blog

Starting tomorrow, I'm going to try something new to see how I like it. Rather than post news items separately, I'm going to post them together as a list of links. I'll comment when I have something to add, but I'm hoping that this will let me post about stories that I don't necessarily have an opinion on, but find interesting anyway. That should let me post more stories than I currently do , while freeing up some time to focus on other things, like actual content.

The stuff I get the most comments about are the reviews and other content pieces, so I'm going to try to do more of that.

I'm also going to change the name of the blog to something permanent. It's gone from being self-titled to Son of Michael to the current Michael Confession. My idea was to change the name every year, but now I'm thinking that that's going to get confusing if folks don't update their links every year, and I'm not about to ask them to do that just to accommodate my wishy-washiness. So, I've settled on a title that I can live with indefintely and will occasionally change out the sub-title to reflect my inability to leave well enough alone.

1 comment:

West said...

Enh. We've all gotta kinda try on different blog names, themes, etc. until we find the ones that fit.

IOW, you are not alone.


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