Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tintin: The Movie

Tintin is something that's been on my Things to Get to Eventually list for a very long time. It's constantly getting mentioned as an influence of writers I admire, but the plethora of stories and my not knowing where to start digging into them has allowed me to get distracted by other things.

Which is to say that I'm very interested in the character, but don't know much about him. The covers of his books are cool though. Looks like he fights Nazis, explores tombs, discovers islands, searches for treasure, and does all sorts of exciting things. I'm bumping him up on my list of things to check out.

What reminded me about him is that Dreamworks is interested in making a Tintin movie. No word on if it's live-action or cartoon, or any other details for that matter. Just that Spielberg wants to do it eventually and all the stakeholders have started talking. More as it develops, I guess.

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