Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Support Your Local Bookstore

I love Amazon, but I also love my local, indie bookstores. We've got some great ones in the Twin Cities and I need to support them more. Maybe just use Amazon for DVDs. (We've also got some amazing, independent music stores, but that's another topic.)

I'm just thinking about this because someone pointed me towards the new IndieBound site (formerly BookSense) and thanks to that I've discovered some new stores I want to check out. Go take a look and see what kind of indie bookstores are near you.

Or, if you already know, tell me about them in the comments. Do you have cool ones? Or are they black pits of dispair with unpleasant people working in them? I've been in a couple that are just as bad as any comic shop horror story I've ever heard.

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