Monday, June 01, 2020

Introducing the AfterLUNCH Podcast | Elevator Pitches and Studio Notes

A couple of years ago, when the Nerd Lunch fellas started talking about being fatigued with the responsibility of putting out a weekly show, I pitched them an idea to help relieve some of that burden. I volunteered to coordinate and edit an episode every month made up of just members of the Nerd Lunch Fourth Chair Army. It's a large group of around a hundred people, many of whom were already my friends and people I've recorded with.

It turned out that the Nerd Lunch crew already had ideas for filling up a couple of weeks in the month with other material that wasn't Nerd Lunch Prime (as it came to be called). But there were still those odd months with five Tuesdays, so I created Fourth Chair Army Invasion to fill in those fifth Tuesday holes.

Every other podcast that I've helped create has been focused on a narrow topic: Western films, Tarzan movies, Christmas movies, Thundarr the Barbarian, etc. Even Mystery Movie Night has a structured movie-review format even though we talk about a wide variety of movies. What I loved about Invasion was that it opened the doors wide to talk about anything. I'd never managed a general-interest podcast before and it was super fun. So when one of those other weeks in the Nerd Lunch schedule became open, I was invited to turn Invasion into a monthly show and I jumped at it.

A little over a year ago, Nerd Lunch announced that it was going to be ending. There were a lot of moving pieces around that decision, so no one knew at the time exactly what it meant for Invasion, but I knew that I wanted to continue doing some kind of all-purpose podcast with a lot of variety. Maybe that would be my own, completely independent, new show. Maybe it would be more closely tied to the Nerd Lunch legacy. But either way, I was going to do it.

As the last year of Nerd Lunch went on, plans solidified and conversations were had and we all decided that it would be cool if the new show was actually on the Nerd Lunch feed. That would let the existing Nerd Lunch episodes stay archived in the same place, while also hopefully bringing some of the Nerd Lunch listeners to the new show. I tossed around a few different name suggestions, but it was Paxton Holley who came up with the AfterLUNCH name. I love that it's descriptive, but also self-deprecating in being adapted from a crappy sitcom spinoff. Legendary Fourth Chair Army member Mike Westfall created an awesome AfterLUNCH logo and we were off to the races.

So now the first episode of the all-new AfterLUNCH podcast is here. Pax himself pitched the idea for the episode in which he, Adam Pope, Shawn Robare, and I each try to sell an idea for a movie, TV show, or product, then modify that idea based on notes from the other panelists. It's a weird and funny episode; the perfect way to kick off the new show.

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