Saturday, November 08, 2008

Off Topic: Darth Mahna Mahna

I need a break from Star Wars. I'm not digging the Clone Wars cartoon like I should and the whole Extended Universe is now as muddled and self-contradictory as the Star Trek EU ever was. I still like the original trilogy, but I think I need to back away from Star Wars while that's still true. There are a couple of notable exceptions to that policy though.

1) Stuff my awesome friends are participating in.

2) This:


Grant Gould said...

I'm surprised you're not liking the new cartoon.. Hell, even Jess likes it, and she doesn't like ANYTHING. :)

Plus I love Ahsoka.. she's my favorite new Star Wars character. I think she's half the reason I love the show. (Does that make me a pedophile? .. errr.. CartoonPadawanPhile?)

Michael May said...

I do like the characters and the individual plots are pretty cool. I really liked the one with Cody and Rex teaming up to rescue the clone troopers at the outpost.

My problem is that I'm a huge enough nerd that it bothers me that I can't figure out where it goes in relation to the earlier Clone Wars cartoons. It used to be that I'd get a kick out of trying to explain apparent inconsistencies to myself, but now I just get a headache.

It's not Star Wars, it's me. I think we just need some time away from each other so that I can appreciate what made me fall in love with it in the first place. :)

Grant Gould said...

I don't let myself get bogged down by the chronology... I can understand where that kind of thing does frustrate some people, but in my mind I kind of treat the 2D Clone Wars cartoon as an "Elseworlds" type thing, and the new 3D cartoon as canon (happening betweens Eps 2 and 3). If you think of it in those terms, I find it makes it a lot more enjoyable.. and doesn't take too much away from the awesome 2D mini-toons.

Michael May said...

That's pretty good advice. I'll give it another shot. David certainly seems to like it too. :)


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