Monday, November 10, 2008

Adventureblog Gallery: More Sea Creatures

The Life Aquatic

A photo group pool on Flickr. (Thanks, Never Sea Land!)

Tricksy Little Whales

Out of respect for the photographer, I won't post this photo of two humpbacks imitating a sea monster. It's worth clicking through though.

Godzilla vs. Some Giant Squid Monster Thing

The giant squid monster thing may have a name, but I don't know it. I'm also as clueless as Robert Hood about who drew it.

Pirates of Venus

Robert Hood is also responsible for my seeing this Joe Jusko painting.

San Gennaro Sea Monster

Photo by Joe (taken at LA's Feast of San Gennaro.)

Abe Sapien

By Nuno Plati.

"Spawn of the Green Abyss" and "Serpent Princess"

Both of these by Boris Dolgov.

Miss Lagoon

By Kerry Callen.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

FYI, that's a picture of Godzilla fighting the squid Gezora from the movie "Space Amoeba," a.k.a. "Yog: Monster from Space."


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