Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Atlantis Journal: Super-Heroes and Sea Monsters

Apologies to Scott Mills for the title of this post.

Namor Loves Aquaman

I always suspected that their rivalry was a cover for something deeper.

By Victor Santos. (This shoulda gone in one of the last two days' galleries, but it was hiding.)

Megan Fox to play superhero

No, no, not that one. I can't believe anyone actually fell for that.

And maybe I'm falling for something equally ridiculous, but Fox's playing aquatic superhero Fathom is a lot more believable than Wonder Woman.

Weeki Wachee Mermaids calendar

As long as we're talking about pretty water-breathers, this is a good time to mention that the 2009 Weeki Wachee Mermaids calendar is now available. Or it will be when the store is back up. It's currently under construction.

Fun Time!

How about a nice mermaid game? (Well, not really a game so much as digital ColorForms.)

Let's eat!

Lila Brooke has some photos from Disney World's new T-Rex restaurant, including this undersea room.


I wonder if T-Rex serves these on the kids' menu. If not, this is the cool (and easy) way to make them.

And as long as we're making sea creatures out of hot dogs...

Cephalopods in a Blanket.

Another reason to make your own squid-creatures

There won't be any in Watchmen. My interest in that movie just decreased by 25%.

A Mouthful of Misfortune to the rescue!

Since Watchmen's letting us down, we'll have to rely on A Mouthful of Misfortune, a Big Fish-like movie about an old sea captain who "tells 'tall' tales from the Indochina Sea" and "lives in an oceanic world of Greek mythos." There's actually much more to it than that; Robert Hood has the story.


Christian Zamora said...

Hey, Michael, I stole your Aquaman/Namor picture from above, but don't fret, I linked it back to you!


Michael May said...

Ha! Thanks for the link! (I just voted, by the way. I actually like Aquaman a bit better, but Namor's undeniably cooler.)

Christian Zamora said...

You're most welcome! And I did vote Aquaman as well. I'm a sucker for making fun of him and I do tend to like funny characters ;)


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