Saturday, November 08, 2008

Adventureblog Theater: See? Monsters!

Giant-Jellyfish-Riding Crab

Octopus vs. Jack O'Lantern

That last one wasn't exciting enough for you? How about this battle to the death between an octopus and a Jack O'Lantern. This would freak my son right out. He's irrationally afraid of tentacles. It's the suction cups that do it.

Incidentally, why isn't there a named phobia for fear of cephalopods or tentacles? It's a common enough fear (just ask Lovecraft). I mean we can name the fear of the Pope (papaphobia), but not the fear of octopi and squid? That's ridiculous.

Did you know people could swim in the Dead Sea?

I didn't know people could swim in the Dead Sea.

Also, there's a sea monster.

And apparently, there's also one in my neck of the woods.

I like how they don't try at all to hide that this is just a publicity stunt. Way to ruin the mystery, guys.

I've vacationed at and swam in that lake, by the way. You can see the place we stayed in at the 1:26 mark on the video. (I think you have to be my Flickr buddy to see my photos behind that link. Sorry about that, but there were other people at that vacation than just us and I don't have permission to plaster their faces all over the Internet, or even just on my little part of it.)

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