Saturday, November 15, 2008

Jungle Girls and Giant Monsters

Who Knew Tarzan Lived in California?

I got an email from Danielle, who runs the way cool Who Knew Tarzan Lived in California blog. There are a lot more Tarzan-California connections than you'd think and Danielle's exploring them all.

Jungle Fables

The Comic Book Catacombs has a short, Golden Age jungle girl story up. Fair warning: it's from 1948 and racial depictions are typical of that era.

Femme Noir meets Okona the Jungle Girl

Writer Christopher Mills reveals that Femme Noir #4 will feature a jungle girl character and an island full of giant monsters. Everyone else can stop making comics now. Chris wins.

The Phantom: The Ghost Who Walks

Okay, obviously I was just kidding with that "no more comics" crack. There's always room for more awesome. Like Moonstone's Phantom comics, which are soon rebooting. According to the press release I got, they're leaning towards "edgier stories" that are "torn from today’s headlines of modern day Africa." I'm not sure that's the direction I'm most interested in, but I loves me some Phantom, so I'll give it a shot.

They also promise "new issues more often," which will also be nice.

The Phantom: The Ghost Who Walks #1 will be written by David Michelinie and Mike Bullock, illustrated by Silvestre Szilagyi, and will have a variant cover by legendary Phantom artist Sy Barry.

"Blitzkrieg in the Past"

By J. Allen St. John.

Xenozoic Tales print by Mark Schultz

Flesk Publications has an awesome print of Jack and Hannah in their car fighting a horde of dinosaurs. 18" x 24" for $19.95.

One step closer to Jurassic Park

Making live clones from dead animals is now possible.

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