Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Firefly: Season 2?

Don't get excited yet.

Seems someone's trying to get a second season going of Firefly, but unfortunately, it's not Joss Whedon. An "independent production company and core group of Browncoats" have set up a website to measure fan interest in a second season of the show. They seem pretty intent on setting it up as some sort of pay-by-the-episode thing, like On Demand or a DVD Episode-of-the-Month club or streaming download for the computer.

Like everyone else, I'm skeptical. Skeptical that they can come up with the money to buy the rights, skeptical that they can rehire the actors, skeptical that they can afford the effects, skeptical of the quality without the involvement of Whedon or the other Firefly writers and creators. But, hey... I wish them luck. I want to see more Firefly; I just want it to be Firefly and not fanfic Firefly. If they can do that, I'll pay for it.

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