Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Coffin Status, et al

Ain't It Cool News has a cool interview with James Cameron in which he talks about the status of the Guillermo del Toro adaptation of Phil Hester's Coffin, the lesson behind Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes, and how he actually liked Alien vs. Predator:

On Coffin: "I've changed the nature of my company. I'm now not developing movies for other directors... there are only a couple of projects that I will continue to be involved with that we did develop and COFFIN is one of them. The reason for that is because Guillermo del Toro is one of my best friends and we've never really worked together. I mean, we always feel like we're working together because he gets all involved in my stuff, I get all involved with his stuff, but not in an official capacity. So, COFFIN is definitely not dead and Guillermo says he still wants to make it. He's just finishing up his Spanish film right now."

On Planet of the Apes: "...when you deal with a studio and it's their asset... it's their asset. And I should have learned that lesson with PLANET OF THE APES because I had a great... great idea with PLANET OF THE APES, but it was Fox's asset. Even though I was supposedly developing it we didn't see eye to eye and they sort of picked up their marbles and that was that. They turned out, I think, possibly the most egregious film that they could have on that subject..."

On AvP: "It becomes more metaphorical or more comic book. I don't mean comic book in a negative way, I just mean that it's working at a kind of mythic, metaphoric level as opposed to really trying to immerse you in reality."


Grant Gould said...

i enjoyed AVP :)

Michael May said...

I like it more when I think of it as a Predator movie as opposed to an Alien movie.

I enjoyed it enough to buy it, but it did bug me that chicky was running around Antarctica in a tank top. Watering it down for the PG-13 crowd was a minor annoyance too, but only minor.


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