Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Why Books Are Cool

Entertainment Weekly recently asked Stephen King to list his 10 favorite books in 2005. In addition to adding stuff to my reading list (like Kate Atkinson's Case Histories: "There are actually four mysteries, nesting like Russian dolls, and when they begin to fit together, I defy any reader not to feel a combination of delight and amazement," and Christopher Lehmann-Haupt's The Mad Cook of Pymatuning: "Warm '50s nostalgia gives way to cold chills in this tale of a summer camp gone bad. Very bad. Think Lake Lord-of-the-Flies."), he also introduces his list with the most awesome quote in the history of quoting:

"...novels are still the best entertainment option. Even a hardcover is cheaper than two tickets to the local multiplex, especially once you throw in gas, parking, and babysitting. Also, a book lasts longer and there are no ads. Need more? No tiresome ratings system to keep you out if you're under 17, the special effects are always primo (because you make 'em up yourself), and although I read nearly 80 books this year, I never ran across the Olsen twins a single time."

Actually, I'm not sure that last one is a plus.

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