Friday, January 27, 2006


Short post today because I don't know much about Ultraviolet except that it's Milla Jovavich in the future as a vampire protecting a little vampire boy from the human Man. I guess it's Blade meets Aeon Flux meets Man on Fire... or something.

I'm in.


Grant Gould said...

hahaha.... i dunno, dude, that trailer looks pretty goofy & generic to me :D

Michael May said...

Did you miss the parts about Milla's stomach and Milla's butt?

What have you done with Grant?

Grant Gould said...

haha :P i dunno.. resident evil 2 was just so bad.. i think it ruined her for me. or maybe you've just turned me gay. thanks a lot, may.

Michael May said...

I have that effect on dudes. It's the Power of Gayskull.

Grant Gould said...

**It's the Power of Gayskull.**

you have the power.


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