Monday, January 30, 2006

Bride of Art Envy

Really, it's not my intention to turn this into Drawn! (not that I could), but sometimes I run into art that just really really inspires me to write.

Tony Semedo posted about his art blog in the Comic World News forum and I'm in love. Too bad his blog's in French, but fortunately I don't have to read to enjoy it. Maybe I should learn French though. I'm starting to discover some of the awesomely wonderful comics they have coming out of France, but they're not being translated into English fast enough for me.


Jason Copland said...

Yeah, a part of me wishes I kept up on my French in highschool. It's manditory up to Grade 9, in Canada. I dropped it after I squeeked by Grade 9 French. I had too. It was bringing down my GPA!

Michael May said...

I'm the same way with Spanish. It's not mandatory in Florida where I grew up, but it comes in handy there.

Too bad too, 'cause there are also some very nice Spanish comics out there.

Grant Gould said...

wow, i love the pic you posted here :)


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