Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Lost Colony

There's a new graphic novel series coming out that looks like one part Lost, one part The Village, and one part The Iron Giant. All set in the 1800s.

It's called The Lost Colony. I can't tell from the website when it's coming out, but it has mystery and steampunk aspects as well as some great, whimsical art, so it's something I'm going to keep an eye out for.

"A MYSTERIOUS ISLAND unknown to the rest of the world, in nineteenth century America.

ITS CITIZENS: a colorful and outrageous band of capitalists, inventors, hucksters and freemen, who jealously guard the island's fantastic wealth from the prying fingers of the outside world, even as they attempt to conceal its captivating secrets from one another."

1 comment:

Grant Gould said...

that's a cool cover! great design :)


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