Tuesday, February 28, 2012

LXB | March Madness of Badassery

This week's League of Extraordinary Bloggers assignment is epic. Since March Madness is right around the corner, Brian at Cool and Collected created this bracket of the top sixteen movie studs. The instructions are:

Imagine that these tough guys are airdropped into an abandoned city full of convicts, and only one can escape. Fill it out, or just write the play-by-play and let the world know who you think would win this ultimate cage match.

This, my friends, is too huge for just one post. So, I'm going to beg forgiveness for breaking the rules and intentionally missing the deadline. Instead, I'll hold off until next week when it's March for real and post a match each day for three weeks until we arrive at a winner. I don't know how in-depth I'll get (detailing blow-by-blow accounts would take more time than I'll likely have), but this is an awesome, cool idea and I want to at least be able to think through each match carefully and give you the chance to chime in with your own opinions about them. First up: Bruce Lee vs John McClane.


Mike D. said...

ok ready? These are my results.

Bracket 1 - Bruce beats Mclane
Rambo skewers Harry , Bourne takes out Braddock and Snake out smarts Martin. Bruce then proceeds to wipe out Rambo and Snake once again wins out and takes out Bourne...BRUCE LEE easily defeats Snake. Winner BRUCE!

Bracket 2 - Bond over Connor...he's too trained to lose.
Dr. Jones finds a way and wins! Rocky digs deep and wins! ASH beats Bauer by a hair.
James dispatches Jones quietly while ASH...clobbers Rocky with his IRON fist!
ASH has a thing or two up his sleeve and takes out Bond. Winner
It's Bruce Lee vs ASH!
Ash has fought demons from hell...Bruce gives him hell but a well placed head smash leaves Bruce Lee reeling and ASH ends it with his BOOM STICK...( He hits him with his gun )
WINNER - ASH! " Give me some sugar baby!"

Michael May said...

Ha! Awesome.

I can see how this could go several different ways. :)


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