Friday, February 10, 2012

Jungle Empress PSA: Stereotyping women makes them CRAZY!

Four-Color Shadows has this Zegra, Jungle Empress story and it's pretty awesome. Shortly after an earthquake uncovers a hidden temple in Zegra's part of the jungle...

The director of the museum patronizes his top anthropologist for being a woman and sneaks in a lecture about - of all things - gossiping. Because those women sure do like to gossip, don't they fellas? Dr Morgan responds professionally, as does young Peter Brooks, the guy who's chosen to be her assistant on this important dig. But secretly? He hates that bitch for being "a little queer in the head." This, by the way, is the good guy.

Once they get to the site, they discover a huge trove of...

Now, I'm no archaeologist, but I suspect that most would be pretty thrilled at discovering hundreds of intact mummies from a previously unknown civilization all in one place. Our hero Brooks though: suspects his boss of sinister motives beyond her justifiable excitement over the fortune and glory this is going to bring her. After all, from her "long experience" she must see stuff like this every day. Idiot.

When he finds out that she's also discovered how to re-animate mummies (for the purpose of documenting their first-hand experiences with their ancient and mysterious culture, mind you), Brooks freaks out, declares Morgan insane, and runs to get Zegra so they can shut Morgan's operation down.

To be fair, Morgan does then try to shoot Brooks as he's running into the jungle, but is that because she has a secret plan that he's discovered? Or because she's had about enough of his crap? There's no evidence of a secret plan up to this point (even in a comic that's very free with showing us what people - including Morgan - are thinking), so it looks to me like she just snapped.

And snapped but good. Brooks finds Zegra, but...

Kill all you meet?!

I'm not sure what the moral is here. I think maybe we shouldn't dismiss women and their accomplishments or stereotype them as childish gossips. 'Cause if we do, they'll go nuts and lead their mummy hordes into battle in a mad vendetta of vengeance.

And knowing is half the battle.

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