Monday, February 20, 2012

Jungle Girls Attack! | Communist natives and giant griffins

I've been catching up on a folder full of links to jungle girl comics. Amongst the standard, natives-on-the-rampage and white-people-ruin-everything plots I found a couple with some noteworthy differences:

Cave Girl vs the Mau Mau Killers

Cave Girl trails a gang of ruthless natives to save a baby, but I like how these aren't just your typical baby-killing savages. Oh no...

...these are Soviet-trained, baby-killing savages. Never change, Cold War.

Nyoka, the Jungle Girl and the Sinister Jungle Myth

This one's interesting because Nyoka's not your typical, fur-wearing jungle girl. I usually prefer loincloth-wearing vine-swingers to modern safari-leaders (that goes for dudes as well; I'm looking at you, Jungle Jim), but after all the cookie-cutter jungle girls from the '40s, it's refreshing to see a different type. As Chuck Wells from The Comic Book Catacombs points out, the comic version is based on the movie serial and not the Edgar Rice Burroughs novel that supposedly inspired them both, but it's still cool. Especially since this story has Nyoka trying to clear her name by hunting giant griffins.

Though I'm kind of shocked at how she chooses to resolve the problem. I don't want to spoil anything before you go read it, but seriously...there had to have been a better way.

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