Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mysta of the Moon vs the Plant-Monsters of Vitan

I've gotten way behind on Sleestak's Mysta series, so I'm going to spend some time catching up. I've moved most of the comics linking to the Annex, but Mysta's different because - like Sleestak - I enjoy reading between the panels and trying to figure out the subtext. Since I want to keep on doing that, I'm keeping Mysta here.

One of the coolest things about deciphering the story-behind-the-story is that Sleestak and I have come up with different takes on Mysta's tactics. We agree that she's benevolent in her intentions, but passionately protective of what she considers to be dangerous knowledge. Where we differ though is in how far her influence extends and to what lengths she goes to control power. I see Mysta as a mostly benign gatekeeper of knowledge who - with the support of Earth's government - sometimes has to act violently to protect the galaxy at large. I hope I'm not misrepresenting Sleestak, but his Mysta is harsher and controls the government.

In Part 18a, Mysta travels through time and fights killer plants. From which we learn a couple of things: 1) that future bio-chemists wear awesome helmets, orange-scaled Speedos, and little else, and 2) that history seems to remember Mysta kindly. When she goes to the future and visits a school, she overhears a lecture about her in which the professor calls her, "our beloved idol."

That seems to support my view of Mysta, but I can't ignore the possibility that she had a really excellent PR firm spinning her legacy in a positive direction. Even if I'm right though, I can't argue with Sleestak's interpretation of that last panel. Mysta's clearly been kissed. Hard.


Sleestak said...

You didn't misrepresent but my take is that her exposure to Bron, Garro and time away from the fortress and the robot had markedly changed her perspective, relationship with humanity (and herself) and protective tactics by the time she went under cover with the Safety Council. She was, for some unknown time, a being of pure intellect and logic. I saw Mysta as not being much different than some of the despots she fought until she got away from the machines and started hanging with people. Think of all the tech she suppressed because it might be misused that could have radically changed the standard of living for a ruined civilization for the better.

Michael May said...

I'm looking forward to catching up more than ever now. Not just to catch up on the stories, but on your commentary too. :)


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