Friday, March 04, 2011

Kill All Monsters! update

Kill All Monsters! continues to update every Friday and if you haven't checked in in a while, now would be a good time. The Kill Team are out of their Bots and exploring Paris on foot. Even though they've got rid of the giant monsters plaguing the city, that doesn't mean all danger is past, as they'll soon see. And their being on the street also means that we get to see Jason's glorious, up-close depictions of the ruins of Paris. If you at all dig post-apocalyptic adventure, this should scratch that itch very satisfyingly.

I think I've finally hit on a nice formula for the KAM! blog too. The original tagline for it was Not Just a Production Blog, but I feel like I went too far in the other direction and made it Not At All a Production Blog, so I'm working to correct that. Next week I'm going to start sharing stories of how KAM! has developed from concept to its current form and I've already started linking to Jason's process posts that he's been doing on his own blog. Not that I'm abandoning the extra stuff like art posts and links to giant monster and giant robot comics.

I'll also link to reviews and KAM! got some cool ones this week. Jay from the Exonauts blog (and a frequent commenter here) has some extremely nice things to say about the comic and Steve Niles gave us a mention in his weekly Creator-Owned Spotlight column at Robot 6. Much thanks to Jay and Steve for not only reading, but for writing about it too.

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