Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Disrupto Man

The countdown's on to C2E2, so posting's going to be lightweight the next couple of days before dropping off completely on Friday. I may take Monday off too if I haven't recovered by then.

Remember how I told you about the Quartet of Crime, the super villain team that the Cownt was once a member of? Super villains of course need super heroes to fight, so my brother-in-law and I created some of those too. These were based on some characters we'd created for a super hero RPG (I forget which one; we played two or three of them). Gav Spence drew them as designs for the comic we wanted to do, based on Dave and my descriptions.

Disrupto Man was Dave's character. As his chest symbol so subtly indicates, his power is to shoot distrupto-beams from his fingertips. If memory serves, he believes he gets his powers from his mystic tiki mask, but may be stark raving mad, which would cast some doubt on that theory. I forget what the forearm-mounted gun does.

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