Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Welcome Back, TV!

It's almost January, which means that TV is coming back after the holiday dry-spell. Here are the good shows (ie, the ones I watch) and when they're returning.

Wednesday, Jan. 6
Modern Family (ABC), 9 PM
Cougar Town* (ABC), 9:30 PM

Sunday, Jan. 10
Chuck premiere (NBC), 9 PM

Monday, Jan. 11
Chuck regular time (NBC), 8 pm
House (FOX), 8 pm
The Big Bang Theory (CBS), 9:30 PM
Castle (ABC), 10 pm

Thursday, Jan. 14
Grey’s Anatomy (ABC), 9 PM
Private Practice (ABC), 10 PM
The Mentalist (CBS), 10 PM

Tuesday, Jan. 19
White Collar (USA), 10 PM

Thursday, Jan. 21
The Office (NBC), 9 PM
Burn Notice (USA), 10 PM

Wednesday, Jan. 27
Psych (USA), 10 PM

Tuesday, Feb. 2
Lost (ABC), 9 PM

Friday, Feb 5
Smallville: Absolute Justice** (CW), 8 PM

Tuesday, April 13
Glee*** (FOX), 9 PM

Thanks to the Ever-Useful Michael Ausiello for the info.

*I've gotten sucked into Cougar Town. I didn't expect to like it, but as a few of my friends told me, it's not entirely about Courtney Cox's trying to make it with guys in their 20s. In fact, it's really not about that at all. Some of that occasionally goes on, but the theme of the show is about adjusting to middle-age. There are several characters - of both genders and of various ages - that help explore that from various angles. It's quite well done and very funny in the process.

**Not a Smallville fan anymore, but the costumes for the Justice Society characters in this look fantastic and amazingly faithful to the comics versions. I'm curious to see how this works.

***I'm very on-the-fence about Glee, but haven't completely given up on it yet. The ludicrous storylines are offset by Jane Lynch and some of the other characters (Kurt, Puck, and - surprisingly - Quinn).

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Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Thanks for being my one stop shop for information on when these shows are coming back. I am excited about a few of them especially 'Burn Notice' and the 'Smallville' movie.


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