Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Flash Gordon Meets Bono (and Other Stories)

I feel kind of bad that I haven't had any Christmas-related stuff on the blog this year. My original idea for an Adventureblog Christmas became Plump Sister and I never got around to a solid plan for replacing it. Ironically, Christmas busyness got in the way, but I do hope everyone's having happy holidays if you celebrate them.

Captain Splint's Hairy Helper

The other day we got pirates and a jungle girl. This time 10c Dreams brings us pirates and a gorilla. Oh, if only someone could combine all three into one marvelous tale...

Princess of the Sea

It's not often we see mermaid comics, but the mermaid experts at Never Sea Land have come through.

Know what would be cooler than a pirate-jungle girl-gorilla comic? A pirate-jungle girl-gorilla comic with mermaids in it. Good thing Jess and I are working on one.

Rulah vs the Ape Women of Antilla

The keepers of all things Rulah at the Comic Book Catacombs have the whole story.

Rulah and the Whispering Wires of Death

This one too.

Steps of Doom

Maybe Flash doesn't meet quite as cool a Bono as he could have, but it's still a nifty story. [Comic Book Catacombs again]

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